Miss California

Series, fic (FSA / Promic 008/2019)


A fictional series, of a science fiction genre, composed of 5 episodes of 52 minutes each, totaling 260 minutes (4h20min) in length.

The plot, inspired by historical events that took place in Londrina and region, is set in a small town in the north of Paraná in the late 1960s. The story begins on December 31, 1968: Susana has just been elected Miss California for the 1969. Dan and Beatriz are playing basketball on an abandoned court and witness a meteorite fall. At the same time, there is a blackout in the city: when the situation is resolved, it is clear that the newly elected Miss California is faint, and will remain so for six months. The unusual fact motivates the arrival of a journalist from the capital, Bóris, who tries to elucidate the case of the sleeping miss. Marcus, Susana's fiancé, starts to attract a large number of faithful in his home, who somehow want to receive a blessing from Miss California, considered holy by some. The plot is complicated when Dan and Beatriz discover that Susana's deep sleep is related to a scientific experiment by a group led by two scientists: Diana and Xavier. They will now have to try to hijack the duo's meteorite to find a way to wake up Miss California.

The series will be produced by Kinopus and has script and direction by Rodrigo Grota and production by Guilherme Peraro

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